Recruiting and other stuff

Jack Straw from Wichita says:

Could you guys shed any light on next year’s recruiting class? Other sites are saying up to three players have signed LOI’s.

Great name Jack Straw. Did you shoot your buddy down? Whoever wrote this must have known my first love, the Grateful Dead. Anyway, great question and it gives me an opportunity to explain a part of our coverage that looks poor. Under Brian Costa and Alan Siegel, two people that I consider mentors in this journalism thing, did a great job getting recruiting stories out in the past. We broke Maureece Rice coming to GW, among other things. Due to NCAA regulations, Coach Hobbs and Jack Kvancz, two people with whom I have good relations, will not comment until it’s made public.

Siegel and Costa had an easier time getting the players’ high school coaches to talk. They are also far better journalists, which may contribute to their past success and their current status in the industry. But enough sucking up to them. They always did a good job pulling stuff out of coaches.

About the other sites, I am not sure how to comment on those. They are well developed recruiting sites with contacts within high school and college circles. They are often wrong and devote a lot of time to that side of the business.

Few notes:

Tonight may be the only away game we could not cover. The game was in Pittsburgh and even though Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post offered me a ride (the nice guy that he is), I cant miss class tomorrow.

With GW’s success, as I have said in the past, we will be stepping up our coverage. I have my flight booked to Xavier next week with senior staff photographer Jeff Baum. Should be fun, and if by fun I mean absolutely exhausting.

If you have a chance, read Michael Wilbon’s column in Wednesday’s Post. He’s one of the best in the game. The sociological aspect of sports is a special interest of mine and I hope you get the chance to take a look at this.

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