What’s the deal with … GWorld and the gym?

When you are trying to get into your dorm and you realize you don’t have your GWorld, it’s OK; just sign in. Forget your GWorld at the library? That’s not a problem either – use the sign-in sheet. Trying to go the gym without your G? Good luck getting on a treadmill today. Your chances of getting in are slimmer than that girl on the elliptical.

Students know the Health and Wellness Center is notoriously vigilant when it comes to student and faculty identification. Not only do you need it to operate the turnstile, you also have to hold it up for the people at the front desk to take a look at the photo.

Wondering why there seems to be more front-entrance security at the gym than your residence hall?

Athletics Facilities Operations Manager Jason Wilson said it’s “self-explanatory” and just a matter of “safety and security.”

“It’s just like basketball games at the student entrance,” he said. “We always check IDs.”

This might surprise some students who have gotten rejected at the gym, but apparently HellWell does make occasional exceptions. Wilson said they try to work with people who have lost their GWorlds, had their wallets stolen or have traveled far from their off-campus residence before realizing they were ID-less. In these cases, gym employees can take another form of identification and then look up the person to make sure he or she is a student or faculty member.

Still, while it might just be another thing for students to gripe about, sometimes it seems like HellWell is stricter on IDs than most bars.

-Caitlin Carroll

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