Mount Vernon recieves Internet access upgrade

The University has upgraded the Mount Vernon Campus’ Internet access system to the same quality as Foggy Bottom’s, allowing greater security and a faster connection.

Over winter break, the University upgraded the technology systems on the Mount Vernon Campus, requiring all students to obtain new technology equipment before gaining Internet access. The program uses Symantec antivirus software and the Cisco Clean Access security program to ensure all computers on the campus’ network are installed with the most updated virus protection.

“The change allows additional security and protection for Mount Vernon users,” said Alexa Kim, executive director of Information Student Services Technology Services.

Along with being protected form viruses by using the Cisco Clean Access program, Mount Vernon Internet users will also enjoy a faster Internet connection. The upgrades changed the residents’ Internet connectivity speed tenfold, from 10 megabytes per second to 100 megabytes per second.

The University’s Foggy Bottom residents upgraded to the new system in September.

Kim added that when using the old system, it could take the University days or weeks to cleanse a student’s computer if it had been infected by a virus, leaving the student without his or her computer.

Kim said, “We wanted to get this service to Mount Vernon as soon as possible at a minimally disruptive time.”

Some students found the time they had to take to update their technology system a hassle.

“I came home Sunday night from break, and all I wanted to do was check my e-mail after a month of dial-up,” said Alison Meuse, a freshman living on Mount Vernon.

Students who are still having trouble with the new software and equipment are encouraged to contact Student Technology Services.

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