Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school SA enthusiasts! The SA is already back in full swing, here are some interesting notes from over break and about our upcoming issue on Tuesday.

-Audai Shakour was found not in violation of sexual harassment and sexual assault. On December 19th, Shakour announced he was informed by the University that he was found not in violation of either charge. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the female who filed charges against Shakour in November. Tuesday’s issue will have her complete story from how she got involved, to her relationship with Shakour, to her filing sexual harassment charges, to her response to hearing the ‘not in violation’ verdict.

-Since the verdict is in, the SA executive says they are ready to move on. As you will see in the article, Shakour declined to offer a comment on the verdict other than his announcement that he was not in violation. This move shows that Shakour and the executive are ready to put the case behind them and move on. It seems that some senators are as well.

-Traverse and Shakour alliance??? A jaw-dropping release from SA Senator Ben Traverse, who ran against Shakour last year and has been an outspoken critic of Shakour throughout the year, announced he and Shakour worked together on legislation to be introduced calling for an ad-hoc committee to review the Student Judicial Services process. The bill will be introduced in the first senate meeting of the year, scheduled to take place on Tuesday evening, where Shakour will also deliver his state of the SA address.

-Still no Colonial Trader… While Traverse and Shakour may be committed to bi-partisan relationships, SA Executive Vice President Morgan Corr will be quoted in Tuesday’s Hatchet questioning where the Colonial Trader Web site is, and saying he would support the SA’s termination of their $11,000 contract with the SwapSwop.com Web site development company. Casey Pond, Shakour’s vice president of public affairs, said he and members of the executive are still evaluating the site and they have not yet decided if they will launch the site or back out of the contract.

-Elections soon… No candidates have made an official announcement for running for SA president, although expect some to be made soon. As early as this week at least two student may be confirming their running, and their could be as many as eight students running in March.

Stay tuned for Tuesday’s Hatchet for these stories and more.

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