Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

School Without Walls parking lot purchase

Everyone wins with GW’s purchase of the School Without Walls parking lot. The University will be able to move forward with long-term development plans on G Street. In exchange, the University is providing $12 million to the city earmarked for School Without Walls renovations.

Lack of science interest

The growing lack of interest and investment in higher education science programs will seriously degrade the ability of the United States to maintain a competitive edge against rising foreign powers. Although GW isn’t traditionally known or respected for its science departments, there is no reason why improvements to the programs should not be a top priority.

Commencement plans

The University’s quick response to student concerns over the loss of the Ellipse for Commencement resulted in GW obtaining an equally impressive location on the National Mall. In addition, expectations for the ceremony improved even more after the announcement of George and Barbara Bush as keynote speakers.

More chain restaurants

With the recent proposal to insert a chain restaurant into Quigley’s, the University seems to be quickly losing its unique character. Rather than another chain restaurant, perhaps it is time to consider using the space for something that many students have been clamoring for: a real 24-hour diner.

GW Spring Term

While a lack of marketing efforts delayed the start of the program for a year, the GW Spring Term should help improve GW’s profile around the country. In addition, GW students stand to gain by interacting with a diverse group of students from other universities around the country.

Selective priority registration

By cutting down on the number of students receiving priority registration, GW has made the process more valuable for those who actually need it. This year, for the first time, ROTC students will greatly benefit from priority registration without having the process muddled by other groups undeserving of the privilege.

Hatchet vandals

Hundreds of copies of The Hatchet were defaced last month after they were put on the newsstands. Although the vandals have formally apologized and reimbursed The Hatchet, there was no reason for such activity. There are plenty of outlets and opportunities to lodge complaints about The Hatchet without resorting to vandalism. Also, the news editor who cracked a Hatchet office window with a hammer should be publicly whipped.

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