$5 – $10 – $20: An entertainment guide for the cash-strapped student

If you have $5

According to weather.com, this weekend will be sunny and clear – so go play outside! A couple of options: check out the greenery at Dumbarton Oaks, Great Falls or Hains Point. The Theodore Roosevelt Island is the most underrated memorial. Many locals bring their dogs to roam near the statue of the former president, so if you’re feeling homesick for your puppy, a stroll there might be the cure.

If you have $10

It won’t be the place where papa Bush lauds the class of 2006, but the MCI Center will be hosting Wizards games – a lot of them. Tickets are around $10 at their cheapest, so you can go check out a game and afterwards, head to the dozens of bars that have sprouted aFado Irish Pub and Ortanique. Since you already blew your $10 budget on tickets to the game, make your friends (or that cute guy/girl in the corner checking you out) buy your drinks.

If you have $20

Take a fashionable trip to H&M at 1025 F St., where glam designer Stella McCartney’s line for the retailer will be unveiled Thursday Nov. 10. The fashion world is abuzz with her classic and now affordable style, including tulip-shaped skirts, tuxedo-inspired dresses and sweaters with satin accents. The F Street store is the only H&M location in D.C. to carry the line, which is a little pricier than the store’s typical fare, but worth the splurge.

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