Constitution Coverage?

Check out our expansive SA coverage this issue, including a follow-up article (as promised on this blog) about how the finance committee has been given out co-sponsorships this year to student organizations by Jenette(Student Orgs Protest Co-Spon funding) and my article about the student fee increase not passing. (Senate rejects Shakour’s Fee Increase Plan)

At Tuesday’s senate meeting perhaps the most dramatic legislation that was passed dealt with changes to the SA constitution. You may also notice that The Hatchet did not have an article about the proposed changes to the body’s governing documents, worry not SA enthusiasts, on Monday we will have an article. Jenette and I need some time to digest what all these changes mean and how they will change the SA before we write an article.

As for the student fee increase not passing from the senate- this is an interesting move by of SA officials. Last year SA President Audai Shakour campaigned on not raising the student fee, and then supported it when he realized how under-funded student organizations, in his opinion, are this year. Ben Traverse, Shakour’s arch political rival last election season, initially supported the student fee increase but is quoted in Thursday’s issue as being against the legislation as it was put before the Senate. Ben made it clear to me he is not against a fee increase in general, but the language of the legislation must first be amended before he supports the plan currently on the table.

Interesting how people’s views on policy change within a couple of months.

And one more thing non-SA related… some students have asked why The Hatchet did not cover cable television being out across campus for more than 12 hours on Tuesday night into Wednesday. For those who did not know, a fire on 19th St. caused cables to disrupt the television signals and cable access was unavailable from Tuesday night till Wednesday morning. When I heard about this story late Tuesday evening I called Ryan Holeywell, the senior news editor and we consulted about if we should write a story. We decided against it because RCN officials said it would be resolved within a couple of hours. Not having cable for a couple hours, by Hatchet standards, is not a story. If cable had not been fixed by the expected fixed date of Wednesday at noon, this may have been a story, but, by 1 p.m. on Wednesday, the story was dead.

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