It’s hot in here!

Anthony Guadagni said:

“Mr. Sherman, you just don’t get it, do you? It sounds like you are a little bitter that you aren’t gifted enough to participate in NCAA Athletics. I have seen all of your articles. The varsity roundup is not acceptable, it is poorly ran and you guys get numbers, names and stats wrong all the time. Those two articles that you have written about us have been nothing but negative for our team. Why can’t you write a positive article about our team’s wins? That article about how we had to pay for our own trip to California was tasteless. It is being discussed that the student-athletes of GWU boycott the hatchet. Please write meaningful articles and recognize what the student-athletes do for your school.”

AAQ wrote:

“That is what a newspaper is for filtering and bringing what is important and interesting to the top in the form of stories and reducing what is not important to briefs and listings or not covered at all.”

Wow. The Hatchet blogs are heating up. I am going to try to address all of Mr. Guadagni’s concerns. First off, I’d like to refute the fact that I’m bitter about not being able to play NCAA athletics. Simply not true. My passion is covering sports and my days of playing competitive sports are long gone. I liked the train of thought, though.

The Hatchet’s story about funding in water polo was one of my favorite pieces of the year. Andrew Alberg did a terrific job at researching a very complex issue, talking to relavent sources and making the student body aware of the athletic administration’s shortfall in this area. This story was not meant to be “tasteless,” as Guadagni said. All of the people who spoke to Alberg were happy to speak about it, including sophomore Julie Jacoby’s father.

If there are ever errors in the Hatchet, I urge you to email myself at If I determine a mistake was made, I will make sure to run a correction in the next issue.

A boycott of the Hatchet would not be a efficient way to ensure more coverage of your sport. As I have said in earlier posts, the Hatchet does try to cover every sport. As AAQ said in the aforementioned quote, we try to filter. If a team is not playing well, the Hatchet will reduce the coverage. Simple as that. We recognize what student-athletes do on campus. This is why we have a sports section!

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