Welcome to the SA Blog!

Welcome to the Student Association Blog! A glimpse into the ins and outs, the behind the scenes look at how The Hatchet covers the SA. Issues dealt with while reporting, and issues in the SA that we do not put into our newspaper pages.

The SA is a unique student organization. For those students involved it is an important institution to represent and advocate for students. To the majority of students at GW, however, SA news is not the first and most as important thing on their minds. This blog will serve those students who follow the SA closely and give those who don’t a glimpse into the drama of one of GW’s most powerful and dramatic student organizations.

The blog will not only provide news outside of what is covered in our weekly SA Notes, published on Thursday’s, and The Hatchet’s other SA coverage, but it will explain to readers how we cover the SA, why we cover an issue the way we do, what questions arose while writing and editing a story, and why we cover some issues and do not cover others.

As The Hatchet pushes for transparency throughout the SA, our readers should expect the same for its newspaper coverage. Hence we give GW’s devoted SA enthusiasts the SA blog- a playground of exciting SA news, analysis and explanation.

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