CMJ Music Marathon 2005: Overheard at CMJ

“I think some of you will share my view that music right now is pretty bad, that music on the radio is shitty.”
Brad Lee, Loud and Clear Records

“Hipsters get old and they go and get married.”
Dan Rutherford, Morning After Records

“This is another one off our first records, but I doubt any of you have it.”
Ryan Jarman, The Cribs

“People wouldn’t believe it, I’m listening to Kenny G now.”
Rev. Run

“D(MC) was like ‘What’s this hillbilly gibberish?'”
Rev. Run, on the lyrics of “Walk This Way”

“What Kanye said is what every black person was thinking. He just had the means to say it.”

“There’s no magic to make change. The magic is the one-on-one, talking to people.”
Hector Luis Rivera, Jr., Welfare Poets

“I’d like to thank our insanely drunk stylist.”
Michael Friedrich, Rahim

“The city stole our guitars. We love New York, but they stole our guitars.”
Jeff Allen, The Plastic Constellations

“If you don’t mind movies with subtitles. . .”
“Oh, that’s all I watch.”
Random pretentious people

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