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SA helps plan hurricane fundraising events

Because Student Association bylaws prohibit it from donating money to charitable organizations, the SA will instead be working with other campus groups to host a benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

On Saturday, executive adviser Will Donovan suggested the SA make a $25,000 donation to the hurricane relief effort. Upon realizing the SA was prohibited from making such a donation, President Audai Shakour suggested the SA instead host a benefit event. On Monday, members of the SA, Program Board, Class Council, College Republicans and NAACP hosted a meeting to plan what they could do to help.

During the last week of September, events such as blood drives and student performances will be held to raise money for the citizens of New Orleans, organizers said. Ticket sales to all events will also contribute to the fundraising efforts. The week will end with a free concert.

“It is our responsibility as good citizens to help out our fellow Americans and the college students that were hurt in this,” Shakour said.

Senate confirms Shakour nominees

The Student Association Senate approved all four of President Audai Shakour’s nominees for SA cabinet positions Tuesday.

The Senate confirmed junior Jeff Goodman as vice president of judicial and legislative affairs; junior Maria Bea Querido as vice president of student activities; first-year graduate student Salesh Konda as vice president of graduate student policy; and sophomore Maggie Beckham as vice president of academic affairs.

The Senate Rules Committee confirmed the four vice president positions on Saturday, after speculation that they may have faced opposition. Last year the Senate blocked Goodman, Konda and Querido when they were first nominated.

-Jenette Axelrod

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