College Boxes accessed students’ rooms

While it may have be convenient for students to have summer storage boxes delivered directly to their rooms before they moved in, some are questioning why a private company was allowed access into strictly guarded dorms.

College Boxes, a summer storage company, had access into dorm rooms before the student move-in period that began Aug 27. Some GW departments, including University Police Department and Residential Property Management, also have access to dorms.

“Safety and security are our primary concerns,” Executive Vice President and Treasurer Louis Katz said. “This is why every College Boxes employee who entered the building was accompanied by a GW representative.”

Katz said not every member of UPD and RPM has access to keys and that they are only given out in specific instances. UPD may use a key to let students in a locked out room or upon suspicion of illegal activity inside the room.

Students said security should be tighter on campus since students have to go through security measures just to enter a dorm.

“That’s ridiculous,” said senior Margo Hollingsworth. “They try to make security tighter with the GWorld card, but then they just let the College Boxes guys in. It’s very hypocritical.”

College Boxes defended its delivery system, saying it uses a similar system of delivering boxes prior to move in at some of the other 35 campuses it serves.

“We’ve put together a system to address major risks involved with the early deliveries,” said John Kowitt, vice president of College Boxes. “We make sure that we are always accompanied by a University representative on all of our drop offs.”

College Boxes ensures the boxes are safe and that employees are being watched in the rooms, and Kowitt said University officials are in possession of the keys.

“At GW and at every school we do early deliveries for, the university liaison is the key man,” Kowitt said.

Some students said that if proper security measures are taken, they enjoy having the convenience of getting their boxes delivered directly to their rooms.

“If they are allowed to keep the keys it could cause a problem,” said junior Seban Carim. “But otherwise it seems convenient.”

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