Rainy hall move-in runs smoothly

Despite a rainy first day for move-in 2005, University officials said the process went smoothly this year.

Seth Weinshel, director of campus housing and occupancy management, said 5,500 students moved in on Saturday. He added that rain did not hamper the smooth flow of traffic and the directions of Community Living and Learning Center staff.

“This year’s move-in was very successful. We had very few lines and were able to accommodate many students and families in a relatively short period of time,” Weinshel said.

He added that an additional 1,000 students moved in on Sunday, and by Tuesday, 90 percent of the campus was settled in.

Some parents said the wet weather actually sped up the moving process.

“Everyone wants to get out of the rain quick so they move in fast,” said Rae Paterno, whose freshman daughter moved into Fulbright Hall on Saturday.

“Now we just have to fit it all in her room,” Paterno added.

University officials also said the rain may have been a blessing in disguise.

“I believe that the weather allowed for a steadier flow of traffic, rather than every student showing up at 8 a.m. and creating long lines,” Weinshel said.

Students were able to rely on community facilitators standing guard at each of the University dorms, ready to help load and unload boxes and bags.

“CFs were responsible for checking students in, getting emergency contact information, distributing parking passes, welcoming students back to campus and traffic and crowd control,” Weinshel said.

In addition to community facilitators checking in students, other CFs were standing along a closed-off F Street parking cars for parents of students moving into Thurston Hall. Cars could be left in the space for no more than 15 minutes in order to expedite the process.

Volunteers from numerous Greek-letter organizations also assisted parents in carrying heavy boxes, televisions and other items into Thurston Hall.

“They did a wonderful job and made move in run very smoothly,” Weinshel said.

While the move-in ran smoothly, some students became frustrated with the gridlock as they waited to use an elevator.

“I’ve been waiting 15 minutes for the elevator,” said Kenneth Brown, a Thurston Hall freshman. “At least the rain is letting up, it could have been a lot crazier.”

For the first time this year, the University instituted a $175 early move-in fee for students moving in between Aug. 24 and 27.

Last year, without the fee, 600 students moved in early, while this year 74 students were charged for moving in early.

Some students said they were able to avoid the extra cost by gaining access to buildings from their friends.

“I moved in Wednesday,” said a New Hall resident who requested to remain anonymous. “I was let in by my roommate and lived there for three days without paying the fee.”

More than 2,000 other students also moved in early and avoided the fee because of receiving a department request to arrive before Aug. 27.

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