Crime Log

Threats of Bodily Harm

4/22 – Gelman Library – case closed

A dispute between a manger and an employee at Starbucks escalated when the employee’s boyfriend came in and threatened the manager. Both left the scene. The case was referred to Starbucks management.

Assault on Police Officer

4/21 – University Parking Garage 6:55 p.m. – open case

A female law student hit a University Police officer with her car door after a dispute with the garage attendant and the officer. She told the attendant she was being overcharged and refused to pay. When UPD asked for her GWorld, she threw it at the officer. Metropolitan Police were contacted and an incident report was issued.

Disorderly Conduct

4/22 – Thurston Hall – 10:21 p.m. case closed

A student on the eighth floor used aggressive words when Community Living and Learning Center staff questioned him about an empty beer can. UPD responded and the student apologized. A search of the student’s room uncovered no alcohol.

Referred to Student Judicial Services


4/25 – Guthridge Hall – 11:42 a.m. open case

A female received a call on her cell phone from a male who said he had video of her in a compromising situation. The female did not know of any such tape; UPD is investigating the incident.

Liquor Law Violation

4/24 – 1957 E Street (residential) 1:10 a.m. – case closed

An anonymous noise complaint led UPD to respond to a 21st birthday party on the ninth floor where 27 were people celebrating. People in attendance were from 18 to 22 years old. UPD encountered an extremely intoxicated individual in the lobby as well.
Referred to SJS

4/24 – New Hall – 12:23 a.m. – case closed

UPD officers were called to a noise violation on the second floor. Residents allowed the officers to enter and they found vodka and beer. All those present were underage.
Referred to SJS

-compiled by Nathan Brill

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