Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

Audai Shakour as new SA president
Shakour enters his term on a contentious note, falling a mere one violation short of being kicked off the ballot. He will have to overcome this precarious start and a Senate filled with opposition Coalition for Reform members still loyal to his run-off opponent Ben Traverse on his way to a successful year in the Student Association.

Nationals opening day
It is a relief to see baseball return to the nation’s capitol after a 30-year absence. After a contentious battle in the City Council over a publicly financed stadium, the city should be able to rally around its new club. The diverse locations both of RFK and the new stadium on the Anacostia Riverfront will expose GW students to diverse D.C. neighborhoods.

GW buys SAE house
The final nail in the proverbial coffin for the once hopping G Street and its Greek-letter nightlife. While the building will be part of a larger University development on the street, students still miss SAE and Delt late nights.

Admin. response to CP complaints
After a bevy of student complaints and Hatchet reports on poor management treatment of student tenants in Columbia Plaza, GW administrators are finally taking action to protect students in a building it owns a significant percentage of.

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