Crime Log

Assault With Deadly Weapon

12/19/04 – Hall on Virginia Avenue – case closed
One roommate became angry with the other and began flailing his arms, waving a serrated butter knife in his hand. He then struck his roommate in the right shoulder with the knife. The wound required three stitches. This event was reported March 27.
Referred to Student Judicial Services

Disorderly Conduct

3/23 – Thurston Hall – 3:30 p.m. – case closed
Employees of a moving company hired to help a resident move out became upset when an officer told them the student must sign them into the building. The movers used inappropriate language while arguing and debating with the officer. The movers ultimately realized that they would not be allowed inside unless signed in and did so. The movers, who apparently work at several area colleges, said they have never before had to sign in or show identification and found the rule offensive.
No further action

Drug Law Violation

3/26 – HOVA – 10 p.m. – case closed
A search in response to a report of suspicious odor led to the discovery of three grams of marijuana and a bag that tested positive for cocaine residue. Three GW students and two people unaffiliated with the university were present. Alcohol was found and disposed of at the scene. Those unaffiliated with GW were barred from campus.
Referred to SJS

3/24 – Strong Hall – 11:45 p.m. – case closed
UPD officers found five students smoking marijuana when they responded to a suspicious odor. An ensuing administrative search revealed 2.6 grams of marijuana.
Referred to SJS


3/24 – 2141 K St. – open case
A University employee claims that someone used his computer to send an inappropriate e-mail to his supervisor.
Liquor Law Violation

3/26 – Townhouse Row – 12:41 a.m. – case closed
UPD responded to a call about an intoxicated and vomiting female. The underage student was conscious when UPD arrived. UPD contacted EMeRG and the D.C. fire department. A D.C. ambulance transported her to the hospital.
Referred to SJS

Robbery/Pick Pocket

3/27 – off campus – 2 a.m. – case closed
A female student said she had her purse in her possession at all times while at a club. She later noticed that her wallet, which had been inside the purse, was missing. Her credit card companies informed her that approximately $400 had been charged before she cancelled her cards.

Sexual Assault

3/26 – unknown location – open case
A female student said she was sexually assaulted in an unknown location after partying at a Georgetown club on March 26. The victim does not remember anything that occurred for several hours after leaving the club but remembers waking up in pain. The student sought medical attention at an undisclosed location. Medical staff believed a sex assault had occurred. University Police have not yet received results from toxicology tests.

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