Letters to the Editor

GB housing

I would have thought that more aspects of GW’s ‘GWorld’ revolve around the ‘G8’s’ free market system. Housing selection, which operates on a lottery system, is unnecessarily restricting. Why, for example, should I not be able to trade my lottery number with someone who is moving off campus? Or with someone who is rooming with a person with a better lottery number? These questions may have legitimate answers, but after a call to the CLLC office, I am doubtful.

WWG8D? I’ll just venture a guess on that one, but in the true spirit of a free market economy, perhaps an online forum (www.gwdormtrade.com, which has not yet been sold) could serve as a trade exchange for student’s housing lottery numbers. Here students with good lottery numbers who would like some extra cash, students with no need for their lottery numbers, etc, could auction off their spot.

While acting as part of the globalized world, GW is far behind its literal neighbors, such as the World Bank and IMF, in implementing change to their archaic ways. Maybe ‘G-Dub’ could take this opportunity to shake things up a bit, and encourage some change in our ‘G-lives.’ At the very least, President Trachtenberg would get to preside over a stock market – doesn’t that sound appealing?

-Noah Wall, freshman

Fully compromised

So let me get this straight? The Hatchet dismisses Asher Corson because he “compromises his independence and credibility as a columnist, and we will not compromise ours.” Wasn’t there already a credibility issue?

A brief history lesson: Corson was an SA senator who ran for EVP last year, lost, threw an Al Gore-esque hissy fit, then became a Hatchet columnist to “expose the SA.” His column is the integrity issue to me. It is bad form to burn the bridges he did, and even worse due to the way he was exiled from the SA. Someone who will stab former colleagues in the back like he does just because he didn’t get his desired position is not someone I would want representing me as a student.

Now, because he thought that he could sneak back on the ballot he ran, and on that same “Clean Slate” rhetoric that does not really mean anything. I wasn’t planning on voting in the elections because I have become disenfranchised with the way these elections are held, but now I did vote, to do my part so that more snakes like Corson are not put into office.

-Adam Jones, junior

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