Editorial: Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

New GWorld Partners
Utilizing new technology has allowed the expansion of the GWorld Card program to a variety of new vendors as the quality of J Street continues to deteriorate.
JEC politics
Despite last year’s scandals, the Joint Elections Committee still proves itself incapable of ensuring the integrity of Student Association elections by filing frivolous charges against candidates they don’t like.
Residence Hall Renewal Project
SA President Omar Woodard should be commended for securing additional funds to improve condition of GW residence halls. But how much of a difference will $2 million actually make?
Supreme Court
The Supreme Court should be commended for taking a brave stance against the death penalty by overturning juvenile executions.
Instead of responding to a lack of demand by improving the quality of their product, they merely fired a large number of employees to ensure they remain on the positive side of the balance sheet.
Lloyd Banks at Spring Fling
Booking high-profile names for concerts is great, but it should not be perpetually bound to the same musical archetypes.
Re-signing Hobbs
Karl Hobbs is widely considered a rising star in the college coaching ranks. It is important that if GW is to build in the success of the last two years that Hobbs sticks around.
Ivory Tower vandals
Those continually vandalizing Ivory Tower hallways are diverting much needed money from other University departments. Perhaps worse are those who observe these acts and remain silent.
Helping fire victims
After the disastrous fire at St. Mary’s Court retirement center, GW played humanitarian by offering to house displaced residents. Its implications for PR are also advantageous.
Weather forecasters
Promises of snow by weather forecasters have risen student hopes for snow days only to dash them when snow fails to materialize.

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