Editorial: Reflections on Corr

Unlike the contentious battle for Student Association president, the executive vice presidential race is uncontested. When the votes are eventually counted, Morgan Corr – running on the Coalition for Reform slate – will be next year’s executive vice president. While this fact is undisputed, this page finds it necessary to comment on Corr as a candidate and discuss his priorities for the coming year.

Corr is running to fundamentally change the traditional role of the executive vice presidency. Seeing the position as having retreating into bureaucratic anonymity in the past few years, Corr envisions himself as a student advocate of stature to the administration. Given his passion for issues such as student representation on the Board of Trustees, Corr seems poised to assume such a role. While it is significant to have another executive advocate, Corr must focus his energy primarily on administering the Senate and ensuring it functions properly.

Regardless of the responsibility (or lack thereof) he accepts for Senate acrimony this year, Corr – along with his running mate, Ben Traverse – were both contentious figures in the Senate this past year. It is imperative that as the EVP, Corr work to establish quality relationships with all senators in the event a majority of his slate is not elected. Ensuring senators enjoy a positive working relationship early on in his term will ensure the body is not bogged down next year in the procedural and bylaw related debate to which this year’s Senate reduced itself.

It is also important Corr be willing to work with whomever is elected SA president in the coming weeks. While the advantages of being elected along with Traverse and the rest of the slate are evident, it is also important Corr forge relationships that allow him to have a positive working relationship with any president. An executive-Senate split next year only serves student apathy in dismissing the Student Association as an anachronism on campus.

Morgan Corr will be elected EVP on Thursday. Despite this certainty, it is important he learn from his experience in the Senate this year to ensure the body is better run next year in an effort to better serve students at this University.

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