Pop princess sues insurance companies

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Pop princess Britney Spears made headlines once again last week, as she is filed suit against eight insurance companies that rejected her $9.8 million claim for canceling a summer 2004 tour due to a knee injury.

Spears filed suit in the New York State Supreme Court against the eight companies, seven of which are in England and refused to pay. The eighth, located in France, did not respond to her claims.

According to The Associated Press, the court papers said that “on June 8, she hurt her knee while practicing the choreography for a video of her song ‘Outrageous'”, and had “minor orthopedic surgery” on her left knee.

Spears and her company Britney Touring Inc. had paid the insurance companies $1.3 million in premiums to insure the tour through the United States, Canada, and Europe, according to the AP. The seven British companies said that during a pre-tour medical exam on Feb. 5, 2004, Spears did not tell them about an injury to the left knee and surgery she had for it less than five years ago.

Headlines and students alike are mocking Britney’s latest attempt at tabloid attention. “After being consistently ignored in recent weeks in favor of Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears is suing eight insurance companies…” lead a recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution story.

“Why would you sue eight companies over your knee for that amount of money when she probably makes that much in a minute?” said George Washington University senior Richard Pugh. “It’s completely absurd.”

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