Popular Chinatown bar swings into Aidan’s Orbit

The boys of Scythian have come a long way from playing on the streets of Alexandria for gas money. But that’s exactly how these D.C. natives are proud to say they started out. Now, playing a full house every Thursday night at Fado’s gives these lads the credibility they deserve. Their new studio-recorded album, Aidan’s Orbit allows listeners to bring the feel of their live show home – that is, only if the hangover fails.

Composed of brothers Danylo and Lex Fedoryka, as well as longtime friends Joey Crosby and Alex Kuldell, the lads from Scythian have brought their classical training to use for the greater good of Celtic rock. But they say the transition from classical to Celtic wasn’t easy. “The beats are provocative; not structured. It can go anywhere; but that’s also what drew me in,” said Crosby.

Fiddles and guitars, mandolins and accordions alike, these boys do it all to create a live show filled with passion and audience interaction, most often through singing and dancing, and many times through competition for a free pint of Guinness. (But may I recommend learning the lyrics before getting up on stage to sing them?)

Their home at Fado’s is a little bit of Ireland in the midst of Chinatown, creating an entirely different time and place with an atmosphere so authentic you might forget that you’re in downtown D.C. Fado’s can accommodate dinner, drinks, sports or the music that draws you there. And don’t forget to order the official Thursday night drink: Irish car bombs.

The place fills up around 9 p.m. Thursday nights for Scythian. Christopher Tantillo, a regular, said, “It’s a guaranteed good time. You’ll always end the night chanting for one more song.”

Having an enormous respect for the traditional Irish music, with echoes of eastern European influence, Scythian reinvents the classic jigs to energetic Celtic music “with an edge.” Their modern spin keeps the crowds dancing to a beat all their own, usually with a drink in one hand and a friend in the other for covers of songs like “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Wild Thing” and “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” The band can reintroduce anything in the name of “Syn,” forcing itself into the souls of music lovers and alcohol enthusiasts alike.

Visit www.scythianmusic.com to download music clips, and to see their next gig, Fado’s (808 7th St. NW).

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