Bar Belle: Dream Nightclub

I have suffered long enough from the curse of the largely-ignored mid-December birthday. So last weekend I decided to beat the curse. I found two other victims of winter break birthdays so we could throw ourselves a fabulous party. And where to throw this type of party, you ask. The answer is the “Red Room,” the VIP room at Dream nightclub.

Now I am not generally accustomed to partying in a room that costs more than my semester allowance, but I happen to have a really great friend with really great connections. The three of us and our 50-something guests braved the frozen rain on Saturday to party like celebrities, literally, (famous musicians, athletes, and models have been known to regularly grace the luxurious space).

Once I found the way to the hidden room on the second floor of the club, it was all champagne and shots the rest of the night. The room itself made up for all the birthdays during finals when I sat at my desk pulling all-nighters with caffeine as my only buzz. The walls were covered in lush dark red velvet, there was our own bar and bartender, a private bathroom with a shower, a large covered deck and several chic seating arrangements.

If you’re not fortunate enough to have a particularly well-connected friend, there is still hope. I have also been to Dream under non-VIP condition and had a great time.

When the highly anticipated Evite had been sent out, many of my friends were concerned about the price of the cab and drinks and the dress code. I am prepared to relieve these concerns. If you have never heard of Okie St. and NE seems too far away from the GWorld bubble, have no fear. The cab ride only crosses two zones so you should only be paying about the same fare as it takes to get to Adam’s Morgan. Also, while there is generally a $20 cover charge, you can go to the Dream Website, and print off free passes for most nights. They only require that you come before 11p.m. As for drinks, if you forgo the traditional pre-game routine, there is open bar from 9-10 p.m. on weekends and after that drinks cost about the same as Madhatter’s or Third Edition.

Last, the dress code is a bit strict, no athletic wear or holey jeans, but why would you want to dress like a schlep if you’re trying to pick up a hottie.

Thursday, an 18+ night, caters more towards the collegiate crowd, but Fridays and Saturdays, 21+, host popular Rap and R & B acts for the cost of general admission.

My only warnings come from experience: Don’t use Fake ID’s or bring gum. I lost my best fake ID there two years ago and I have had my gum taken out of my purse during the strict security screening. Also, beware of creepy older guys, they tend to lurk in the shadows.

Bar Belle Rating 5/5

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