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Ohio U. halts use of logo on shot glasses

(U-WIRE) ATHENS, Ohio – Anyone looking to throw back liquor from a shot glass bearing the Ohio University emblem had better stock up now.

A sign posted in the university’s bookstore read, “On November 11, 2004, we were informed by the licensing agent for Ohio University that we are no longer permitted to produce shot glasses with Ohio designs.”

According to Barbara Nalazek, assistant director of university legal affairs, the move to no longer allow university-labeled shot glasses began with a decision made by dean of students Terry Hogan.

Hogan said the action is not a “ban” but a choice not to allow the further use of the OU logo on shot glasses. The idea came from the Coalition Advocating Responsible Drinking Decisions, a group that Hogan co-chairs. It is made up of students, faculty and administration. The goal of the group is to reduce high-risk drinking on campus.

“Drinking shots, in my view, is high-risk drinking,” he said.

Nalazek said that before being finalized, the decision had to be approved by several university offices, including university advancement, communication and marketing and legal affairs.

Hogan said he did not want it to appear that the university was endorsing and profiting from unhealthy drinking by having its logo appear on shot glasses. Businesses are allowed to sell the shot glasses they have, just not produce any more, Nalazek said.

The sign in the bookstore warned patrons, “OU shot glasses are banned, buy them while you can.”

Lee Barber, manager of the shop Universitees, said his store has already begun selling out of the shot glasses.

“We have a few left,” he said. “There’s a high demand for them, obviously, in this town.”

Ron Jeremy feminist at Univ. of Florida

(U-WIRE) GAINESVILLE, Fla. – University of Florida students, brimming with anticipation, finally got their fill Wednesday when Ron Jeremy came to debate his racy trade.

The Great Porn Debate welcomed approximately 2,800 to witness porn superstar Jeremy and award-winning author Susan Cole duke out the pros and cons of pornography.

Cole opened up the debate in a somber tone that would continue throughout the night.

“Women will experience some form of violence in their lifetime,” said Cole, a Harvard University graduate. “If it hasn’t happened yet, it probably will and pornography plays a role in that.”

Cole believes that women who enter pornography were probably abused at home and have no better alternative. Cole added, however, that she “completely support(s) masturbation.”

Jeremy’s position on the topic of masturbation was similar, but he turned Cole’s argument against her.

“When she talks about the masturbation thing, I totally agree with that,” Jeremy said. “But the thing is if she thinks masturbation is okay, what is wrong with the fantasies people use to masturbate?”

Jeremy added that in the “very saturated porn industry” where “every taste can be satisfied,” he does not defend the renegade companies Cole referred to that promote violence.

Despite her negative attitude toward pornography, Cole was encouraging.

“For those who want to change the world and see women as total equals, make women’s equality, in the economic sense, very real,” she said.

Jeremy, who has starred in more than 1,800 flicks, agreed.

“Very few women in porn have gone to college,” he said, adding that women such as pornography legend Jenna Jameson own multi-million dollar corporations.

-compiled by Ryan Holeywell

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