Crime Log


10/23 – Hall on Virginia Avenue – 8:45 p.m. – open case
A resident reported to University Police that a nameplate she had recently placed outside her door had been stolen or moved.

10/23 – Ivory Tower – case closed
A fifth floor ceiling title was found damaged on the floor.
No suspects

Disorderly Conduct

10/22 – Gelman Library
case closed
Library staff reported a student who became verbally aggressive about fines issued because of overdue books. The student had previously responded to a library notification e-mail in a way that library employees found offensive.
Referred to Student Judicial Services

Drug Law Violation

10/23 – Thurston Hall – 1:15 a.m. – case closed
Community Living and Learning Center staff found three students with marijuana butts and alcohol after smelling marijuana odor from outside the room.
Referred to SJS

10/22 – Dakota Apartments 1:48 a.m. – case closed
UPD was dispersing a 17-person party involving alcohol when the officers smelled marijuana emanating from a rear bedroom. The officers found four people and marijuana residue. Two of those present were not affiliated with GW and were subsequently bared from campus.
Referred to SJS


10/22 – Fulbright Hall – 12:18 a.m. – case closed
A student punched through a glass pane and injured himself after losing a bet on a video game. Lacerations present on his arm and wrist required attention from EMeRG. The student will also be charged with vandalism.
Referred to SJS

Liquor Law Violation

10/24 – Ivory Tower – 1:26 a.m. – case closed
UPD and CLLC discovered a party when they responded to a noise complaint. Thirteen people were present, and seven were underage. Three were not affiliated with GW and were barred from campus.
Referred to SJS

Simple Assault

10/21 – Thurston Hall – 10:40 p.m. – case closed
CLLC staff noticed a party involving alcohol through an open door; someone in the room punched a CLLC employee when the employee entered the room. One case of beer was disposed of at the scene.
Referred to SJS


10/24 – 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. – 3:45 p.m. – case closed
A student lost her purse at Lindy’s Bar and Restaurant; she found the purse the next day at UPD’s lost and found, but her GWorld and driver’s license were missing.

-compiled by Nathan Brill

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