Concert Preview: Shankar and Gingger’s “Celestial Body”

Sunday, Oct. 31
Tickets: $50, $35 and $20 for students with ID

If the music we listen to by choice or default becomes the soundtrack of our lives, it is difficult to place where Shankar and Gingger’s new CD, “Celestial Body,” might pop up. While their track “Palaces,” may be heard within the backdrop of a peace rally or a John Lennon tribute concert, a large majority of their music might be more appropriate while walking the streets of New Delhi or meditating with the Dahli Lama.

Self-proclaimed as “a blend of musical styles,” a quick listen to their album reiterates Shankar and Gingger’s desire to create music that transcends classification. As a violinist duo that serves as renowned composers, vocalists and producers, Shankar and Gingger’s music is a mix of Indian and British that references both classical and world influences.

Their violin duets and haunting vocals lend themselves to music that surpasses the superficiality of pop or rock to achieve a more dynamic combination of culture and content. After a thorough listen to “Celestial Body,” listeners will be impressed by its ambition in covering a breadth of styles.

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