Crime Log

Liquor Law Violation

10/10 – Thurston Hall – 1:10 a.m. – case closed
Front desk officers called for more backup and EMeRG. when a male student was carried through the front door. A student informed University Police that the male had consumed alcohol for the first time and was having difficulty speaking and standing. As EMeRG. evaluated his condition, the male became disorderly. UPD handcuffed and transported him to the GW Hospital Emergency Room, and on the ride over the subject continued to act aggressively. Upon arrival, the subject was verbally aggressive to hospital staff and was placed in a holding room. The subject finally became complacent when doctors arrived.
Referred to Student Judicial Services

10/9 – Ivory Tower – 11:05 p.m. – case closed
CLLC staff observed two females through an open door consuming alcoholic beverages. The staff members contacted UPD, who made the residents dispose of the open containers and turn over the remaining unopened bottles.
Referred to SJS

10/8 – Hall on Virginia Avenue 5:45 p.m. – case closed
Front desk UPD officers caught an underage female student carrying alcohol in a suitcase and cooler.
Referred to SJS.

Unlawful Entry

10/9 – 605 22nd Street (Alpha Epsilon Pi house) – 2:07 a.m. open house
A male who is no longer a student tried to gain entry into the house of his former fraternity. A member at the door tried to block the entrance, but the subject entered, whereupon another member tried to tackle him. The unwelcomed guest escaped the tackle and ran out. The subject left GW in spring 2004.


10/7 – Off Campus – open case
A female student told UPD that she was receiving e-mails in a foreign language and receiving strange phone calls.

Disorderly Conduct

10/10 – Thurston Hall – 2:35 a.m. – case closed
UPD responded to a report of five students throwing punches on the ninth floor. A bystander’s tip led UPD to find the subjects on the eighth floor. The subjects said the altercation was a continuation of the previous night’s fight; some admitted to consuming alcohol. Two of the people involved were not GW students and were barred from campus.
Referred to SJS

10/8 – 22nd and H streets – 1 a.m. – case closed
Three males became irritated when a shuttle bus driver refused to take them to M Street. The men, who are thought to be students, unsuccessfully attempted to open the vehicle’s door and ripped a paper from the shuttle’s window.
No suspects

Drug Law Violation

10/8 – Somers Hall – 1 p.m. case closed
A Community Living and Learning Center search revealed a bowie knife and several pocketknives in a student room. Also during the search, CLLC found an unmarked prescription medication bottle without a printed
prescription identification. The resident claimed to have a prescription but has not yet produced it. An anonymous complainant gave CLLC the tip.
Referred to SJS


10/10 – Pubic Property – 3:35 a.m. – case closed
A uniformed U.S. Secret Service officer stopped a male student who was carrying a “Keep Left” street sign. The student told UPD that he got he sign from a trashcan on Columbia Road.
Referred to SJS

-compiled by Nathan Brill

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