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Nude San Diego State U. student gets tazed, tackled

(U-WIRE) SAN DIEGO- A nude San Diego State University student was tackled and tazed by campus police in Love Library Wednesday night.

Campus police received a call from the convenience store that a man was undressing and kicking things in the Aztec Market, Lt. Sonny Cavarlez said.

Erin Lynn, an employee of the store, said the man took off all of his clothes in the store, poured coffee over his head and then ran headfirst into the window of the store.

He fell back and ran into the window for a second time, she said.

The man then left the convenience store naked and walked to the library. He walked down the stairs of the Love Library dome entrance, when an off-duty officer tackled him by the neck.

Four police officers, one off-duty, tried to wrestle the man on the ground but were not able to hold him down with their hands, Cavarlez said.

“He was fighting so hard, we had to taze him three times,” Cavarlez, who gave the order to taze the man, said.

Tazer guns, which have about 75,000 volts of electricity, temporarily render the capacity of the person by causing muscles to lock up.

“He was sweating profusely,” Cavarlez said.

The hot coffee that he poured on himself at the convenience store made him slippery and hard to tackle, Cavarlez said after the incident.

“As I started to go toward him, he charged back away from me and took a swing at me,” he said.

The incident occurred between the security monitors and research computers on the first floor of the library.

Police initially suspected the man was on drugs, but when he was taken to Mercy Hospital for a complete toxicology exam, the police report showed no illegal drugs in his body, Cavarlez said.

“I’m on race,” the naked man said while lying on the ground. “Class, gender. I’m a homo,” he added.

Females increasingly landing university presidencies

(U-WIRE) UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Late last month, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology named Susan Hockfield its first female president, adding to a growing number of women in leadership positions at some of the nation’s top colleges and universities.

However, a recent survey conducted by the American Council on Education reveals that private and doctoral-granting institutions such as MIT continue to have the smallest percentage of women presidents, at 9 percent. ACE’s most recent study, The American College President (2002 Edition), conducted in 2001, includes information from 2,594 college and university presidents.

The study shows the total percentage of women presidents more than doubled from about 10 percent in 1986 to 21 percent of the total in 2001. However, the majority of those women are at two-year institutions and liberal arts and women’s colleges.

Additionally, the survey reveals that women make up 40 percent of all faculty and senior staff.

-compiled by Ryan Holeywell

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