The Printmakers Gallery: a Silent Journey

If you meander down Connecticut Avenue past the cultural restaurants and weekend open-air markets, you will encounter a small and remote art gallery that hosts an array of new and creative pieces of art from around the country. The Washington Printmakers Gallery, a sophisticatedly humble museum of sorts, has recently been graced by Christine Giammichele’s latest creations, which premiered last Sunday.

Upon entering the gallery, you are greeted warmly by an intimate, engaging atmosphere, surrounded by the works of local painters and printmakers. The print and painting exhibits carry the unique message of each artist. Giammichele’s work entitled Silent Journey is an unusual collection of paintings that uses a patented technique combining printing and painting. The most interesting aspect of Giammichele’s emotive, innovative creations is the origin of her inspirations. Her distinctive and marvelous artwork is derived from visions she experiences during her meditative trances. Her artwork acts as a medium between the spiritual realm and the tangible world.

Another of Giammichele’s strengths is her ability to combine colors. Her blended paints on the printing parchment create fantastic texture and illusions of the silhouettes of spirits, animals and people, portraying the spiritual likenesses between humans and all creatures on Earth. No two portraits are alike, although they all carry a theme of unity between the visible and invisible worlds. Her work invokes a certain primordial passion that lies dormant within us all and hearkens back to our natural roots. Although Giammichele’s work is primarily motivated by Iriqouis and Shamanic tenets, her work contains a universal spiritual message – to open your mind to the unknown.

Silent Journey, will remain open in the Washington Printmaker’s Gallery, located at 1732 Connecticut Ave. N.W., until Oct. 24. Admission is free.

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