The Bar Belle: Porter’s Dining Saloon

A girl walks into a bar, or, more accurately, a girl walks into a bar after having her ID inspected, examined and turned upside down. For this girl, that bar was Porter’s, one of the latest to hit the GW bar scene.

Although the motif is simple, (I have a faint recollection of exposed brick walls and rather dark lighting), the dress code does not necessarily match the informal atmosphere. Let’s just say my ratty Patriots sweatshirt was not turning heads. However, if heads were being turned anywhere in Porter’s, it was difficult to tell due to the bar’s confusing multiple levels.?

As for the important stuff: the bar ranks well in terms of campus proximity and bang for your hard-earned buck. The $2 Miller Light special on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays makes me wonder why one would drink anything other than that great tasting less filling delight. Other weekly specials include Wednesday night $2 Coronas and Friday night $3 Foggy Bottom Ale.

The service is attentive yet relaxed, adding to that neighborhood bar-next-door appeal. But somehow, even with a $2 beer in hand, I felt that something was missing. Perhaps it was those girls with tight Juicy sweatpants and oversized sunglasses whom I watched move into Ivory Tower all day. Sorry girls, from what I know there is no low-carb Bacardi Breezer special.

Overall, the place is worth a shot. With three bars, a strip club within 100 feet and a Chipotle that closes at 10 p.m. (no further comment), it’s worth dropping by, as long as you bring your crew for entertainment.

Belle Rating: 3 bells

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