Letters to the editor

A bit far

I read Zej Moczydlowski’s article (“A ‘breeder’s’ tale,” Aug. 25, p. 4) with quite a bit of amusement. I realize discrimination and bigotry are not necessarily laughing matters. However, to suggest being called a “breeder” is the same as gay bashing is taking things a bit far. Yes, both are equally evil and hateful, but I don’t think anyone slowed their pick-up truck down to call him a “breeder” out the window, have a cop try to run him down because he’s a “breeder,” been threatened with bodily injury or death, because he’s a “breeder.” Yet I have had those things, and more, happen to me here in D.C., because I am a gay man.

Yes, the gay community wants to have its cake and eat it, too. We want tolerance and social acceptance, yet we want to maintain some “gay only” exclusive venues and events, which certainly is hypocritical. Yet with the exception of maybe a couple of bars in the city, there are very few exclusively gay establishments left, particularly in and around Dupont Circle. Dupont has gotten a lot more hetero over the last 20 years and I suppose that shows greater tolerance and progress in our society.

However, that tolerance and acceptance is far from universal. I doubt I would be well received at TGI Fridays or the Red Lion if I were to hold hands and make out with a guy.

But I have to say I do understand Mr. Moczydlowski’s colleague’s sentiment about straights not working in a gay establishment. I live and work in a heterosexual world all the time. When I go to a gay caf? or bar, it’s to escape that world for a while and know that I don’t have to watch what I say or how I act.

-Kevin B. Rost, alumnus, class of 1987

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