Less is no longer more

Ladies and gentlemen, the census is in: girls, put some clothes on, and boys, put your collars back down. The sultry D.C. summer is winding down, and fall fashion is bringing more conservative looks into the stores.

“Brown is definitely the color for the season,” said Derreck Dunning, assistant manager of the Dupont Circle Sisley and personal stylist. “We’re also seeing a lot of cranberry, and the pink that was hot for summer is carrying over to fall, but in more muted tones.”

These colors work well in the office-oriented District, even for students. Second-year graduate student Beatrice Cunningham is currently shopping for the professional classic: the pantsuit, in browns, beige and gray. But she’s excited to mix these with the fall colors she’s seen in storefronts and magazines.

“The pinks and purples for fall are really nice,” Cunningham said. “They should be easy to put with suits for a professional look.”

Dunning said he looks forward to the vintage feel in many of this fall’s fashion items. “Embroidery is huge right now for women,” he said.

More tailored fits and capes are also an easy way for women on a student’s budget to follow runway style, he said. For men, Dunning said going the used clothing route is cheap and stylish for fall.

“The vintage look is probably the most affordable for students to incorporate into their wardrobe,” he said.

For many students, this look is only natural. Junior Christina Boland said she tends to stick to jeans and sweaters. Donning jeans, a tank top and a Pucci-esque bandana, Boland was casual and cool when she explained her style: “jeans and no pointy shoes,” she said.

Dokun Akingbade, also a GW junior, had a similar style philosophy. Akingbade will be shopping for new jeans and a lot of white tee shirts for fall. “I like my clothes loose,” he said, adding that he did not like guys in tight clothes.

Boland was also sick of a few summer trends. “I absolutely hate the pleated skirt. It’s over,” she said. “Please put some clothes on.”

She was not alone in her opinion. “They’re really awful,” Cunningham said.

According to Dunning, these looks are well on their way out as stores are replacing the Von Dutch cap/frilly skirt combo with classier, more conservative clothing.

“No more trucker hats, logo shirts, bright pink, or popped collars,” he said.

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