GW Dictionary: A langage guide for the uninitiated

When freshmen begin class in September, they will encounter a barrage of acronyms, nicknames and new words that refer to establishments and services in GW and the District.

It may take new students weeks or even months to acclimate to the vernacular they will use during their years at GW. In anticipation that freshmen will need to use this “foreign” language, The Hatchet has compiled a list of the most common new phrases and words needed to navigate the campus and city.

4-RIDE – late night University-run escort service that operates from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily. Call 202-994-RIDE (or 4-7433 from a GW phone), and an escort van will pick you up and drop you off anywhere within or two blocks from campus boundaries.

ABP – acronym for Au Bon Pain, the upscale sandwich shop located in the 2000 Penn mall on 21st and I streets. ABP offers soups, salads, sandwiches and excellent baked goods available on Colonial Cash. Stop by on a weekday afternoon and try to spot Democratic political analyst and “Crossfire” host James Carville.

Baja – short for Baja Fresh, a popular fast-food Mexican restaurant located on the corner of 20th and I streets. Baja serves up a broad range of Mexican specialties and features its own salsa bar.

DJ’s – short for DJ’s Fastbreak (it’s a pun on “breakfast”), a small restaurant located on the corner of 22nd and G streets. Known for its extremely cheap and diversified food, DJ’s will serve up anything from a cheeseburger to an Asian noodle bowl. It also takes Colonial Cash.

CF – stands for community facilitator, GW’s version of an RA. CFs live in freshman and sophomore residence halls and try to help you work out any problems you may have during your dorm experience.

Chipotle – some students argue this burrito joint serves up the best Mexican food in town. With locations on 19th and M streets and on M Street in Georgetown, this fast-food-style restaurant constructs massive burritos right before your eyes. While it doesn’t take Colonial Cash, Chipotle is a great place for lots of delicious food at affordable prices.

Colonial Cash – GW’s own type of credit, which is used on your GWorld card. Your card can be swiped at on-campus dining venues and stores along with lots of places in and around the District. Each freshman must have $1,500 worth of Colonial Cash at the start of each semester. If you need more that amount, don’t worry. You can always transfer funds from a credit or debit card directly onto your GWorld at no extra cost, and there are on-campus stations that accept cash.

FixIt – service operated by GW’s Residential Property Management. Call 202-994-2430 (or 4-2430) and a technician will come to your dorm room and fix anything from a burned out light bulb to a clogged toilet.

FoBoGro – short for Foggy Bottom Grocery, located on F Street between 21st and 22nd streets. This small, distinctly purple building has all the college food a student could want at reasonable prices. This is a good alternative to Provisions that does take Colonial Cash.

Froggy – short for Froggy Bottom Pub, located on Pennsylvania Avenue between 21st and 22nd streets. This easygoing bar/restaurant serves up a greasy fare along with salads and sandwiches that are sure to satisfy students. This relatively inexpensive place takes Colonial Cash.
Gelmania – nickname for the Gelman Library, GW’s main library. Located on H Street next to Kogan Plaza, Gelman houses millions of volumes of books and other resources such as magazines, newspapers and movies. If you can’t find a book here, which may sometimes happen, just request it for free from another D.C.-area college library.

Hellwell – short for Lerner Health and Wellness Center, a 183,000-square-foot facility that features exercise machines, weights, racquetball and squash courts, swimming lanes, basketball courts and an indoor track. Open until 10 p.m. most nights, it’s the perfect place to work out after a hard day of classes.

HOVA – short for the Hall on Virginia Avenue, located at 2601 Virginia Ave. HOVA is the second largest freshman residence hall on campus and is situated directly across from the Watergate complex.

J Street – Marvin Center’s food court, located on the first floor and named after D.C.’s missing street letter (District architect Charles L’Enfant allegedly refused to name a street after Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Jay, with whom his wife had an affair). Here you’ll find a food court with many venues for different tastes. All venues at this popular student hangout take Colonial Cash.

Lindy’s – great burger place located on 21st and I streets in a row of renovated townhouses. Come here for some great food and outdoor dining but beware: this GW favorite does not accept Colonial Cash.

Manouch – students’ nickname for Manouchehr Nava, a late-night food-serving sage who will give you a hot dog with mustard and a side of philosophy. He parks his silver cart right outside Tower Records on 21st Street to satisfy students’ late- night hunger cravings. Be sure to ask this Iranian immigrant about his story; though, it may take a while.

Provo – short for Provisions Market, located on the ground level of the Marvin Center. At this mini-grocery store, you can find most of the items needed to solve college hunger problems, including snacks, fruits and vegetables, and frozen foods. Unlike the slightly less expensive and much larger Safeway grocery store, located in the Watergate, Provo takes Colonial Cash.

SizzEx – short for Sizzling Express, an upscale buffet/cafeteria located in the Columbia Plaza complex at 538 23rd St. This establishment, which charges its customers based on the weight of their food, takes Colonial Cash.

SJT – acronym for University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg. If you see him walking down the street wearing his trademark Coke-bottom glasses and bowtie, feel free to say hello.

Thrustin’ – fitting nickname for Mabel Thurston Hall, which was named one of the most sexually active dorms in the country several years ago in a Cornell University study. Housing about 1,100 freshmen, Thurston is GW’s main freshman residence hall and is located on the corner of 19th and F streets.

UPD – short for University Police Department. They work alongside the Metropolitan Police to try and keep GW students safe. Call 202-994-6111 (or 4-6111) in case of an emergency, and UPD will respond to help you out.

The Vern – short for GW’s Mount Vernon Campus, located in Foxhall, a community in Georgetown. The grassy campus is a 10-minute ride on “the Vern Shuttle,” a bus that runs between Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon. Some hate the trek up, but many make the pilgrimage either for classes or events.

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