Woodard pushes for Colonial Cash use at events

Students may soon be able to use Colonial Cash to cover the cost of attending student group events.

The new system would benefit students because they would not have to go to Ticketmaster prior to attending some events, said Omar Woodard, president of the Student Association and former Black Student Union president.

Currently, students must go to the Marvin Center Ticketmaster office to gain admission to events such as Bhangra Blowout and Class Council charity balls.

Deborah Wright, director of the GWorld Card Program, wrote in an e-mail that she hopes the program will be finalized in time for implementation this fall.

“At this point the program for student organizations accepting Colonial Cash for their events is still under review,” Wright said. “The specifics, including fees, training and procedures are being worked through.”

Woodard has been advocating student organization use of Colonial Cash since last year, when the BSU accepted points at its October Jazz Brunch. He said students are more likely to attend events if they can pay for them with Colonial Cash.

“The events we’ve had with a GWorld option, more people have come,” Woodard said.

He added that the system makes it easier for event organizers because it alleviates the hassle of collecting tickets at the door.

Under the proposal, student groups must notify the GWorld office 10 days prior to their event to have access to the new system, said Tim Miller, associate director of the Student Activities Center. The group will then be notified within two days if the GWorld office can accommodate their request.

If the group’s request is accepted, they will be charged a one-time fee of $180 for installation and setup of the system. A representative of the student organization is required to train with a GWorld technician for at least two hours prior to the event.

Groups will be able to accept Colonial Cash for events held at Kogan Plaza, the Smith Center rear ramp and Marvin Center lobby and Grand Ballroom.

Precautions are being taken to prevent the system from postponing a student event if technical problems arise, Miller said.

Groups using the system will be provided with a GWorld activity reader and two printers, in the event that one malfunctions. Students will be responsible for returning the hardware to the GWorld office.

If the equipment is damaged, replacement of an activity reader will cost $1,500 and a replacement printer will cost $350.

Student groups will be informed of event earnings by the GWorld office five days following the use of the system. The new system promises to cut down on organizations’ paperwork and streamline reimbursement from the Student Association.

Currently, student organizations are required to keep a record of funds for their events. Under the new system, the GWorld card office would electronically transfer the funds generated by an event to the student organization.

Despite optimism about a new system, some students expressed concerns that it could create a new set of problems, including longer lines to get into events and availability of tickets beforehand.

“There should be a way to swipe your card before so that you can still get tickets in advance if you want,” senior Christian Swan said.

Many students said they are in favor of the new system.

“I have a feeling people will be more inclined to go to events if they can just pay there,” freshman Nick Bluhm said. “This way, there’s no middle man that someone would have to take time out of their day to go through.”

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