Departing Seniors: Seriously out of here

Some people say they would rather create the news than report on it. Others are happy to observe events around them and write. I like to think that both are equally important; if we didn’t have the “newsmakers” there would be nothing to report on, but if there were no media organizations, people wouldn’t be aware of the world around them and all of the “newsmakers'” work would go to waste.

Creating a newspaper takes more than printing words on a page and putting them together into a publication. If it were that easy, The Hatchet would just hire a bunch of random reporters, have them scribble sentences on scraps of paper and tape them to a large sheet of paper. And that would be The Hatchet that students read twice a week.

But putting together The Hatchet is a little tougher and a little more worthwhile than that.

Yes, I complain about The Hatchet sometimes. I even quit for a brief period this fall. But in the week I was not working, I realized that my Sunday spent at the library seemed incomplete. My Wednesday evening hanging out with my friends could have been done on a Monday or Tuesday. I missed the late nights and last-minute changes that went into The Hatchet’s production nights. I wanted back in.

So I “un-quit,” and it was the best decision I could have made.

I’ve spent countless days and nights at The Hatchet laughing and talking with my fellow editors – making jokes and brainstorming about story ideas. I have loved the times we have come together in laughter and jest, but I’ve benefited even more from the times we’ve come together out of pure need.

Sometimes, unfortunately, it takes a tragedy or loss to bring a group together. Among many gifts, Jenny gave us the chance to become closer and let each other into our lives the way we did after she left us. I do not think I would have gotten through those months without the staff. I appreciate your kind words, thoughts and ability to relate to what I was going through.

The paper came out the weekend after we lost Jenny, as a tribute to her and to our ability to give information to the GW community despite tragedy. She would have wanted us to produce a newspaper that weekend, and we did, with her photo and story on the front page.

The Hatchet staff has remained strong and has continued to impress me. I know that next year’s staff will give the University community the level of coverage it expects from The Hatchet after 100 years of publication.

Newsies – After being a news editor last year, I understand the time, strength and dedication it takes to be on call 24/7. It takes a special type of person to devote his life to The Hatchet, and you have all done it with ease.

Lizz – In you, I see a hardworking girl with an upbeat attitude. You listen to critique, let me know when I’m making way too big a deal out of something (which is pretty often). Best of luck in your choices next year.

Barnett – You live and breathe The Hatchet, and your dedication has paid off. You’ve trained a solid staff for next year and will surely cover the University and city even more accurately and critically than you did this year. Put your talent to use, and continue to write, edit and contribute to the newspaper.

Bryn – You were kind of thrown into the Hatchet newsroom without proper training, but you’ve improved beyond anyone’s expectations. You’re a positive and bright force in the office; continue to infect the townhouse with your smile.

Alex and Rachel – As a news editor last year, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with. Alex, your talent will take you places. Rach, I’m happy we met and have continued to be friends. Make sure you’re happy in whatever career path you take.

Brian – I know you will continue to work hard to improve The Hatchet’s coverage. Your involvement in the sports department will bring a new perspective to the job of EIC, which should only be beneficial.

Will – You have proven yourself a good leader and strong writer. Continue to think outside the box, and the editorial page will be even more diverse next year.

Jeff Baum – I’m really happy I’ve gotten to know you this semester. I know you will contribute immensely to the editorial board because of your strong opinions and interesting perspective. Best of luck.

Liz B. – You’re truly a Hatchet connoisseur. From your work in production, special projects and features, you’ll be prepared for anything you try career-wise.

Andrew – Knowing you has been a series of ups and downs, but now I realize that the positives outweigh the negatives. You’ve taught me about the importance of photos to tell a story, honesty and laughter. I wish you the best of luck next year and beyond.

Janice – You took on a larger role at The Hatchet when you were needed, and I respect you for that. Our book should be coming out in June – I’m happy we got to work on that large project together. Best of luck in your field of choice.

Mosheh – You introduced me to the world of journalism and taught me how to create and write a story. You’ve taught me about the importance of honest and forthright reporting and the skills that are necessary to do it. You’re a creative and energetic force, and you stand up for what you believe in. Think with your brain, along with your heart, and I know you’ll succeed in whatever you do.

Kate – You were a patient editor who understood the balance of criticism and praise. I really enjoyed working with you and learning from you in years past. I hope you pursue journalism, if that’s what you want to do, because others will benefit from reading your work.

Adina – We started out at The Hatchet together, but our friendship goes so far beyond the boundaries of newspaper print. You’ve been there for me whenever I’ve needed you these four years, which has been more times than I can count. I know I can call you up at 4:30 in the morning and talk your ear off and you’d listen. You’re one of my best friends, and I cherish our times together.

Stefanie – Four years as roommates – some people say that’s a feat, I say it’s a pleasure. It’s so funny to think that we were in LHS and hardly knew each other and are now so close. I’d trust you with anything; you’ve been there in fun and in hard times and are one of my best friends. You’ve got spunk, passion and a big heart. If you set your mind to a goal, I know you’ll reach it.

Mom and Dad – You’ve supported my goals in writing, theater, school and work for as long as I can remember. Thank you for believing in me and pushing me to achieve but letting me make my own choices. I love you.

Emily – I know you’re worried about choosing the right college, but any school will be lucky to have you. You’re smart, funny, exciting and obviously have much better hair than I do. You’re a wonderful sister and friend, and I love you.

To the rest of this year’s and next year’s staff – Be critical of yet open to the University’s policies. Use your heart, brain and instinct when reporting and making decisions about coverage. Next year’s paper can only get better.

Here’s to another 100 years.


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