Officals weigh proposal for Hippodrome bar

The University is reviewing a student proposal to allow alcohol to be served in the Hippodrome.

Student Association President Kris Hart discussed the possibility of serving drinks with the SA Senate last month, but said review and implementation are still in the “early stages.”

Officials in the General Counsel’s office are looking into logistics, feasibility and city regulations concerning serving alcohol in the Marvin Center’s fifth floor.

“I would assume that we start off by getting a liquor license for that part of the Marvin Center,” said Linda Schutjer, associate general counsel.

Helen Cannaday-Saulny, assistant vice president for Student and Academic Support Services, said the “idea has some interest and appeal to it, but there are a host of concerns as well.”

“Because the Hippodrome is a space heavily utilized by underage students, we would have to watch what is being served and that everyone is being carded,” she said.

Cannaday-Saulny also said the Hippodrome may not be the best place to serve alcohol because it attracts so many underage students. She added that she would consider exploring other possible venues on campus.

GW’s University Club, located at 1918 F St., sells alcohol to students over the age of 21.

Some other universities, including Georgetown, have on-campus bars. Georgetown’s venue, Hoya’s, is located in the university’s student center. Students cannot buy liquor on their meal plans or with student cards.

Although students must be 21 to purchase alcohol at Hoya’s, all students are allowed to enter the bar. Students who are 21 or older must wear wristbands at all times and if anyone under 21 is seen drinking they are asked to leave.

If the University accepts Hart’s proposal, officials would add scanners to ensure students are using proper identification.

“Students could bring in their license, passport or whatever IDs are accepted at bars,” Hart said.

Colonial Cash would not be accepted for alcohol purchases.

Hart said serving alcohol in the Hippodrome would “attract more graduate students and upperclassmen to stay on campus.”

“I think it’s a good idea,” sophomore Christine Kim said. “As college students we’re expected to act like adults, so why shouldn’t we be treated like them? I think the University needs to stop treating us like we’re oversexed, alcohol-driven teenagers.”

However, a few students said it is not the University’s place to provide alcoholic beverages.”

Sophomore Jesse Kimball said it “seems wrong for the University to directly sell alcohol to students or any other members of the GW community, especially at a campus establishment that welcomes folks of all ages.

“Besides, those of us who can actually drink legally have hundreds of downtown bars to choose from, so I don’t think there would be much demand for that sort of thing in the Hippodrome,” Kimball added.

SA President-elect Omar Woodard said he has not seen the proposal and does not know if he will follow up with Hart’s efforts during his term. Woodard is set to take over the position Friday.

Woodard said, “I want to look at the details of the proposal before making any decisions to follow through with the idea and also to speak with the administration.”

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