Editorial: Continue being open

The University recently announced that 21 campus buildings have tested positive for lead contamination in their water supplies. Despite acknowledging the situation, the University has not disclosed the names of these buildings outside of indicating they are most likely townhouses. Although lead contamination does not pose a life-threatening risk for college-aged students, the University should, in the interest of full transparency, disclose those buildings immediately.

In a Feb. 29 editorial (“Unsafe water,” p. 4), this page argued that the University was not acting with due haste in addressing the situation. And while the University has responded by making information available on its Web site, there still exists the perception that the University is not being entirely forthcoming.

This situation is indicative of a larger problem at GW; students often feel the administration is not entirely forward with the student body. The University should amend this by further utilizing the GW info e-mail system – or develop new delivery systems – to alert students of important information the University is making available. The University might have a plethora of resources available, but the perception of a lack of communication will endure so long as students remain unaware of them.

The University should be commended for addressing this important issue. But while it has taken some proactive steps with testing and identifying contaminated buildings, it should ensure that it continues to remain open and forthright with the student body.

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