Letters to the Editor

False assumptions

I am writing in regard to two political cartoons that appeared in issues of The Hatchet in the past two weeks. The first depicted John Kerry’s rally at GW, and the second showed a girl getting ready to go to the Health and Wellness Center. Both portray the GW community as rich and materialistic. I find it very unfair that such negative stereotypes are associated with GW students.

It is wrong to assume that every student – or every student’s parents – at GW has $42,000 to spend on tuition and an extra $500 for a Burberry scarf. Not everyone has such choices. I, for example, am attending this university on an academic scholarship, and if I were not receiving this money, I would likely not be here.

My mother is a grade school teacher in one of the lowest paying school districts in Illinois, and my father is self-employed. I don’t get spending money from my daddy; all my spending money is money that I earned working full time last summer. Don’t assume that everyone has the same background at GW. In the future, I would like to see more cartoons that are actually political; consider for instance, the upcoming presidential election.

-Erika Schnure, freshman

In defense

OK, people, it is that time of year again; time for the fallout from the April Fools’ edition. Once again, this issue shows that people at this school are way too uptight – I guess nothing has changed since I graduated. First, to the two graduate students who consider The Hatchet staff unfunny, juvenile, horny and un-serious journalists (April 5, “Immaturity,” and “Not satire,” p. 5), I would love to see you come up with a funnier alternative. Judging by the lack of wit and personality in your letters to the editor, I would say that your satire would be about as funny as Margaret Cho’s show at GW last year.

Second, to the young lady writing about the Cosby article (“Blatant ignorance,” p. 5), I will cut you some slack because it is a touchy subject that affects everyone, but to honestly suggest that The Hatchet staff believes that women ask to be assaulted is ridiculous. No right-minded person at this University would ever believe that women asked to be raped, unless they themselves were part of the population that commits these crimes.

Look, people, it is very simple. We all know what to expect every April 1, so if you don’t find it funny, then just don’t read it. And if you have a big problem with it, then join the staff yourself and write something funnier. Until then, leave the Hatchet staff alone, because one imperfect issue doesn’t make them irresponsible or unprofessional journalists. Their other issues are still good enough to give us something to enjoy while not paying attention in class.

-Richard Gendreau, alumnus, Class of 2003

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