Bars, Beers, and Babes

Singapore Bistro
1134 19th St N.W.

In the fall of our freshman year, when we first step foot on campus, everything is new. The city is new, the Marvin Center is new, dorm life is new, coeds are new. Life is exhilarating in those initial weeks, and the nights are unbelievable. We can’t seem to keep the condom jar full and we are nave enough to believe there actually may not be enough condoms for all the pretty new faces. But a few years pass, the faces lose their luster and the condom jar doesn’t seem to empty as fast. And all of a sudden, upperclassmen are looking around, asking themselves what happened to all the hot little bodies.

Enter Singapore Bistro, a haven for party-seeking minors and a harem for upperclassmen in need of frosh blood. The three-story pan-Asian bar is a little awkward at first. Shifting from sushi restaurant to college bar to night club, Singapore is comparable to a teenager suffering an identity crisis. But catch it on the right night (Thursday to Saturday) and Singapore Bistro may be precisely what the doctor ordered for upperclassman blues.

In reality, there’s nothing unique about Singapore. More often than not, there is a cover at the door, pushing through to the bar or the bathroom will take more time than it’s worth and drink specials range from reasonable to ridiculous (a $5 sake-bomb is one of the better options). Bearing all that in mind, its proximity to campus and lax drinking age can account for its appeal. Thirsty Thurstonites flood the top two floors, making this bar a pedophile’s wet dream. And yes, 4-RIDE will chauffeur students to and from Singapore’s front door.

So for freshmen, the search for a minor-friendly bar is over. And for seniors, starving for the freshman hookup is no longer necessary, because all are welcome at Singapore Bistro.

Rating: 3 beers

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