Pro-life speaker discusses abortion experience

Pro-life activist Missy Smith shared her personal experiences with abortion Tuesday evening in the Marvin Cener. Smith spoke at a panel discussion hosted by Colonials for Life, a pro-life student organization on campus.

She said society exerts pressure on women to have abortions, and few women fully understand the effect abortion will have on them.

“Abortion does hurt women, physically, emotionally and spiritually … I did all the conventionally wise things, and they were painful, but I learned a lot by making those terrible mistakes,” said Smith, who had two abortions.

Smith criticized Planned Parenthood clinics as an example of organizations that profess free choice but push abortion.

The event attracted a variety of students, including non-Colonials for Life members and pro-choice advocates.

“It’s always good to see this kind of event on a liberal campus to counter the dominant pro-choice atmosphere, said junior John Walker, publicity coordinator for Colonials for Life.

Junior Emily Goodstein, founder of the pro-choice student group Voices for Choices, said all options are presented at Planned Parenthood clinics.

“The objective isn’t to perform an abortion and have (a woman) leave,” Goodstein said.

Virginia Bader, vice president for external affairs for Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, said Planned Parenthood and similar clinics are strictly regulated and held to the same standards as hospitals. They are subject to various local, state and federal regulations.

Colonials for Life is planning to host similar events in the future. Stephanie Gray, of the Center for Bioethical Reform, will be visiting the group on April 14.

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