Busted: a wrap-up of off-campus student arrests

At least eight students were arrested for underage drinking or drug possession at off-campus locations in the last week, according to Metropolitan Police arrest records from the city’s 2nd and 3rd police districts.

2/27 – 3300 Prospect St. – 2:30 a.m.

An underage male student was arrested for underage possession of alcohol outside of his friend’s apartment in Georgetown. After being detained by three undercover MPD officers, the student said he was held in a jail cell for three hours, an experience he called “uncomfortable and boring.”

2/27 – Madam’s Organ Blues Bar – 2461 18th St.

MPD arrested two underage female students for misrepresenting their age at the Adams Morgan bar. The students said they showed fraudulent IDs to the bar’s bouncer, and were approached several minutes later by undercover officers who asked to see their IDs. The bar’s manager, Karen Connell, said, “We are not happy about this incident, and have never had a citation before.”

2/27 – Angles Bar and Billiards- 2339 18th St.

MPD arrested three underage female students for possessing fake IDs and drinking outside of the Adams Morgan bar.

2/24 – Statesman Apartments – 2020 F St.

Two underage students were arrested for possession of marijuana.
-Rachel Zavala

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