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(U-WIRE) Boulder, Colo.- The University of Colorado at Boulder will require all incoming freshman to take an Internet course about alcohol use and abuse beginning this fall.

Robert Maust, a university official, said the university has not made a final decision as to which Internet course will be used, but hopes to do so this week.

The course will be customized to fit each student’s knowledge about alcohol use. It will start with a survey to find out personal information, including drinking habits.

Students will also be asked about personal perceptions of alcohol use at college, and will receive feedback and educational information based on their answers.

TV station launches campaign against hand jobs

(U-WIRE) BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – Students who entered the State University of New York-Binghamton’s student union Wednesday afternoon noticed a different kind of flyer being handed out. Brian Redman, a senior psychology major and Binghamton TV staff member, was busy recruiting members for his new group, “The Coalition Against Hand Jobs.”

“I’m not opposed to using the hand job for foreplay,” Redman said. “I definitely support safe sex, but not with a hand job.”

Redman is trying to help raise awareness about the negative effects of receiving a hand job, or when a woman masturbates a man, typically until he climaxes. On his show, “Spit on This,” Redman shows testimonials of men who have suffered from hand job damage and women who have given them.

While he was tabling in the union, Redman said he only found one male who enjoyed receiving hand jobs. But he said a common misconception among women is that men enjoy them. Yet the truth, he said, is most guys just don’t say anything about it.

Hand jobs lead to much discomfort, and men can develop chaffing, skin abrasion and mental scarring, he added.

“I got the idea from bad experiences hooking up,” Redman said of the show.

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