Editorial: Grave allegations

Based on an interview earlier today, The Hatchet was set to endorse two-year Senator Anyah Dembling in the Student Association executive vice presidential run-off. However, The Hatchet learned late Sunday of charges being filed against Dembling alleging she paid the membership fee for several individuals to become part of the College Democrats so they could participate in the endorsement process on her behalf. Given the gravity of these allegations, this page no longer feels comfortable making an endorsement for the EVP run-off.

Both Dembling and Ed Buckley provided the campaign with many new and positive ideas. However, this page still feels that given the reality of a two-person race, Dembling would execute the job of EVP the best. Her vast experience in the Senate provides her with the perspective and knowledge to guide a body where only a handful of senators are set to return.

This scandal, however, could reverse any positive upturn in student interest in the SA. After several years of scandal, many students choose to ignore the SA. It is a shame that during the largest student turn-out during SA elections in at least the past four years, this latest scandal could put a damper on an otherwise positive and uplifting campaign.

If these allegations prove true, it only further validates the point this page made earlier that the endorsement procedures the CDs and CRs currently utilize are flawed and undemocratic. The CDs currently allow any members to vote as long as they joined the organization up until one week before the hearing. The fact that they are not willing to admit that there are major problems with their current endorsement process given their standing in the community and extremely large budgets is perplexing and an abuse of power.

The charges raised against Dembling are incredibly grave. Until more facts become available – and a ruling on Monday by the Joint Election Committee – this page opts not to endorse a candidate in the EVP run-off.

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