SA hopefuls debate issues

Student Association presidential candidates discussed technology services and student rights at a debate Monday night.

Candidates told 70 attendees that they would like to use the Internet and the GWeb system to better serve the student body. Most candidates said they would like to see an online forum where students could discuss campus issues and contact University administrators and SA representatives.

Candidates Lee Roupas and Omar Woodard said they would work to put the SA test file and class syllabi on GWeb.

Woodard said he wants to start an online class wait list system, which would automatically register students for a class once it is closed. He also discussed a “residence hall renewal” project to evaluate dorms in need of repairs.

“I will make a real, tangible difference with useful, practical services,” Woodard said. “We will be proactive, not reactive.”

Isaiah Pickens proposed providing a resource Web site where student organizations can get fundraising ideas. He also said he would like to create a “Gbay” service where students could buy and sell books.

Roupas said he wants to create two voting student seats on the Board of Trustees. The board, a body of about 30 GW alumni, must approve major policy changes and the University budget.

“They will know that we care,” Roupas said. “For way too long the SA has been about working with the administration instead of (the students).”

Candidate Glenn Dym said he wants to sit in on Board of Trustee meetings. The SA president is allowed a seat at the public session of Board of Trustees meetings.

“Too long has the SA been internally connected,” he said. “If you want change it has to come from the outside.”

Candidate Joe Venti also said the administration should be more connected to students and the SA.

“I don’t see (University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg) here in the audience, and I think that shows what he thinks of the SA,” Venti said. “I would make him stop laughing.”

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