JEC doles out campaign violations

Several Student Association presidential and executive vice presidential candidates received violations for campaign tactics this week.

The Joint Election Committee received complaints about presidential candidates Isaiah Pickens, Lee Roupas, Glenn Dym, Ruarri Miller, Alex Rochestie and ghost candidate Tom Quigley. Executive vice presidential candidates Anthony Moniello and Ed Buckley also received a violation each.

Complaints included illegal poster and ad sizes, unregistered handouts and unsolicited e-mails.

Students who receive eight violations are ousted from the election, but no candidates reached the limit as of Wednesday.

After a complaint is submitted, a candidate gets a penalty, the complaint is disposed of for being unsubstantiated or the candidate is asked to attend a hearing.

Plack said a “bunch of random complaints” were filed against presidential candidate Lee Roupas by anonymous sources, but “none have probable cause.”

“There are people out to get him it seems,” he said.

Roupas said he is “very disappointed” about the unfounded violations.

“I could have filed dozens of complaints against other candidates, but instead I’ll call their campaign managers and say, ‘this is what I saw today and I don’t want to see it again.'” Roupas said. “I have had the opportunity to file complaints against other people, but I don’t, because that’s not how a student election is won.”

Presidential candidate Glenn Dym and executive vice presidential candidate Anthony Moniello were charged with a penalty each because they handed out candy with their names on them, a tactic they failed to register with the JEC

Dym and Moniello contested the violation, saying they had a “grab-bag of assorted candy” and randomly registered one type.

“I’m running for president of the school, if the JEC has time to nit-pick and say that have I don’t have right kind of candy, well then I am personally offended,” Dym said.

EVP candidate Ed Buckley was also charged with a penalty for handing out unregistered materials, and several of presidential candidate Isaiah Pickens’ posters exceed the charter’s limits because he used three individual posters of the right size that spell out an entire phrase. The JEC has yet to rule on complaints about Pickens.

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