Staff Editorial: Corson for EVP

Over the years, the traditional role of the Execuitve Vice President as the president of the Student Association Senate has diminished. What the position needs is a distinguished senator, capable of making the Senate more effective. The best person to do this is Sen. Asher Corson (U-CCAS).

In the last year, Corson has been one of the Senate’s most active legislators. His legislative priorities were centered on advancing student rights and bringing accountability to a largely closed Senate. In fact, much of Corson’s legislation has been supported in Hatchet staff editorials. His ethics and accountability packages – although a hostile Senate ultimately defeated them – represent vital reforms that would take a step in returning student trust to the Senate.

Corson’s goals for his year as EVP are indicative of his command of Senate issues. Corson strives to change the tone of the Senate – from the superfluous formality of its meetings to its debate being closed to outside students. Corson would find a voice in the Senate for student group leaders, allowing them to debate issues important to their groups. Corson’s knowledge of Senate rules and bylaws will allow him to update outdated Senate rules. He also calls for more frequent Senate meetings, to reduce the length of each one.

Corson must strive to improve several things that could stand in the way of his being effective. First, Corson must work hard to reach out to senators he may have alienated with his controversial bills and focus on an impartial governing of the Senate. Corson must also ensure that he is able to operate the Senate if his “Clean Slate” is not elected with him.

The Hatchet also gave serious consideration to Sen. Anyah Dembling (U-ESIA). Dembling has a strong command of Senate procedures, enabling her to be an effective EVP. Dembling stands out for her proposed training program for new senators, which would ease their transition into the body. These positives however, are overshadowed by several shortcomings. Whereas Corson was very up front about his legislative record, Dembling was not. It is difficult to imagine an SA senator unable to recall how many pieces of legislation he or she initiated. Such behavior is endemic of the SA status quo, and the SA establishment of which Dembling is clearly a member.

Ed Buckley put forth impressive policy proposals in his presentation to The Hatchet. His advocacy for the purchase of vans student groups can use to travel to events shows that he is aware of important issues other candidates have neglected. While we ultimately did not endorse Buckley, we support his remaining in the SA executive branch.

The SA Senate is in serious need of a shakeup. And because the role Sen. Asher Corson has played this past year, he is the man to effect this change.

-Mosheh Oinounou and Andrew Snow recused themselves from the EVP endorsement discussions, citing a conflict of interest.

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