Senator candidate profiles

Undergraduate – At-Large

Jordyn Cosme – I’m a sophomore, double majoring in international affairs and Japanese with a minor in fine arts and art history. As a GW student, getting involved in student life means working to improve it. I am running to enhance student services and better overall University accessibility – not just in my school, but in all of GW.

Peter Feldman – Part of “A Clean Slate.” With your support, we will change the SA and the University. We will make sure that student organizations have better access to more resources. We will stop unprofessional Student Judicial Services witch-hunts that look to create problems when none exist. We will work to make this SA a real voice.

Ashley Slye

Undergraduate – Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Morgan Corr – I am a freshman running for the SA Senate, U-CCAS seat. With leadership experience in several campus clubs and activities, ranging from the Residence Hall Association to GWPride and Dean in 2004 at GW, I have the qualification and familiarity to accurately represent students and the clubs that the Senate has the responsibility of funding.

Hilary Golston – I ran last year as the “Real Deal.” As your senator, I’ve stood up to that promise by supporting legislation that promotes the welfare of my constituency. Check out my voting record. If it works for you, vote for me. That’s the “Real Deal.” Re-elect Hilary Golston for CCAS senator.

Rob Hash – My proposals cut to the core of students’ concerns about GW life: the lack of a student arts festival, campus safety, the responsible distribution of student group funds, tuition increases and the availability of entertainment. Moreover, I haven’t proposed a single idea that is beyond the power of the Senate.

Josh Lasky – Josh is a first-year non-voting senator, serving on the Student Life Committee. His experience in the Senate, and as a member of the Ultimate Frisbee Team, a Beta Theta Pi brother and a Heads Up tutor, have provided him with a broad and balanced perspective of student life and academic issues.

Ross D. Mankuta – I am running for a CCAS seat because of the experience I can bring to the Senate. As a former senator and associate vice president for Student Support Services, I can utilize the knowledge I have gained and work for the students to best represent the Columbian College.

Craig Newman – Save Greek life. Fight for student rights. Reform the SA. Sometimes the best choices in life are the simplest. Vote for Craig Newman and the rest of the “Clean Slate” for CCAS senator.

Tim Saccoccia – Hello Columbian College! I will improve communication between you and your senators. I will introduce legislation making senators communicate with their constituents at least once a semester through e-mail and Town Hall meetings. The Senate will become the Students’ Senate and address your concerns. I will always act with your interests in mind.

Brandon Sherr – It is time to redefine the Senate, to give it new purpose and make it relevant to students again. I will focus on important student life and academic issues and bring students and administrators together to work on common goals. The Senate is not just about taking votes, it’s about making change happen!

Dan Secatore – Everyone knows what is good for the student body; it’s easy to identify the best interests of the students. The problem with the SA isn’t identifying goals, but achieving them. The SA doesn’t act as an effective representative of the students’ needs. Until there’s reform, issues affecting student life and rights will not be addressed.

“Big” Ben Traverse – This past year I have worked hard as a senator for SA reform and a change in the Code of Conduct. If elected, the essence of next year will mirror that of the last. I will continue to fight for student rights and rights for student organizations. Reelect “Big” Ben!

John Van Name – My name is John Van Name, and I am running for the position of SA senator in CCAS. I am doing so because I would like to develop a more competent advising system, improve the University’s relations with the Greek community and increase funding to student organizations.

Adrian Miliotis

Undergraduate – School of Business

Charles “C.J.” Calloway – I wish to be the next undergraduate senator of the business school at your George Washington University. I am running on the platform to change the focus of the SA from the administration to the students, and
in turn give the students a voice and not bureaucracy.

Anthony Marinos – As a member of The Clean Slate, one of my main concerns deals with the unfair treatment of the students here on campus. I have experienced firsthand the overwhelming power the University has over the student body, and quite frankly, I’m just fed up. It’s time for a change.

Justin Neidig – My name is Justin Neidig and I’m running to be reelected as business school senator. I have the necessary experience, having served on both the Senate Rules and Finance committees. I’m also the only candidate endorsed by Delta Sigma Pi (the business fraternity), the CRs and the CDs. Just remember: experience = results.

Phil O’Connell – Phil O’Connell is a well-rounded student who balances his academics with his involvement in student organizations. As your School of Business senator, Phil would work on creating a 24-hour dining venue to be run and operated by business school students as well as improving facility maintenance such as elevators.

Sean White – As an attendee of one of the most expensive schools in the nation, I want to push the administration to cut unnecessary spending and more appropriately allocate those funds to areas that meet students’ needs and wants. I will ensure that officials be mindful of who the tuition dollars really belong to – us, the students.

Robert Lunga

Undergraduate – Elliott School of International Affairs

Jaime DeBottis – I am currently a first-year senator running for ESIA senator. This year I have worked on student organization rights, a planned Sexual Assault Forum and, as a member of the Dining Services Commission I deal with all dining issues. I am taking care of the issues through experience.

Ryan Kilpatrick – I believe that a good leader is defined by three characteristics: long-term vision to drive a community and short-term tenacity and strength of character to get things done. I have shown these traits as secretary of the Residence Hall Association and treasurer of my fraternity.

Juliet Moser – Juliet is from Medfield, Mass., and majoring in international economics. She has three goals as senator: 1) improve advising within ESIA, including accessibility to advisers, which ties into goal 2) cut red tape throughout the University and 3) hold herself to a high standard of accountability, as a representative of the students.

Jared Parks – Jared Parks is running on a platform of financial reform for the SA and has called for an audit of its books. If he does not succeed in engendering this reform, he has pledged not to run for reelection. E-mail Jared at

Robert “Robbie” Sidell – The Elliot School’s advising system will be improved. Numerous students with questions concerning double-majoring, consortium courses and the nuances of ESIA are confused after going to our advisers. My solution: increased visibility and responsibilities for student peer advisers. I endorse Dan LeClair’s Seven-Point Program. For more information, e-mail Robbie:

Kyle Spector – I want to bring legitimacy to the SA through financial accountability and through broad initiatives to promote students’ rights. I will work to rewrite the student code of conduct to better represent the realities at GW and to define policies so that Student Judicial Services can no longer create its own interpretation of justice.

Tony Spiliotopoulos – U-ESIA students, you need an honest and dedicated representative. I will introduce legislation to add more ESIA courses, considering demand and your major/concentration, so you can take the classes you want to meet graduation requirements. I will work to improve efficiency of GW FIXIT. For more information:

Nicole Chames

Undergraduate – School of Engineering and Applied Science

Eli Mazour – I am running for SA Senate for one simple reason: recognition for the SEAS school. I am proud to be counted as a student of the engineering school. Therefore, I plan to fight for the respect and financial support that the SEAS students deserve. For more information please go to

Yoni Oinounou

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Matthew Tuck – Matthew has enjoyed extensive leadership experience while attending GW, working closely with deans, students and the GW community. He helped organize orientation for the incoming med. school class, he is advocacy coordinator for AMSA-LGBTPM and he volunteers in ISCOPES. Matthew looks forward to serving his fellow classmates’ and colleagues’ interests.

Siyavash Fooladian

Clark Baumbusch

School of Public Health and Health Services

Kevin Waloff – I am currently a sophomore majoring in public health. I am deeply involved in forming the Public Health Student Association, which will act as a forum to address issues in this unique school. As senator, I will fight to reform the Code of Student Conduct and the SA itself.

Zakiya Pierre

Marvin Center Governing Board

Christine Caggiano – Tired of seeing people in suits in the Marvin Center? Me too. With your support, I (want) the Marvin Center to fulfill its original intent: a student center. As secretary of MCGB, I already know what it takes to do a good job. Vote for me to continue the fight.

Judah Ferst – Through my involvement with the Program Board, the Jewish Student Association and Buzzing for Change, I have had an opportunity to see how the Marvin Center operates. If elected, I will work to see that the Marvin Center stays a student union building and work to keep it a building for students and their organizations.

Adam Murphy – For the past three semesters, I’ve worked in the Hippodrome, fulfilling a number of tasks, but the important aspect about my job is that I’ve come to understand the Marvin Center’s administrative structure and will be able to successfully operate within it. That’s why Murphy Can Govern Better.

Chris Percopo – Chris is a junior majoring in human services and minoring in communications. He has been involved in a variety of organizations, ranging from the SA to Neighbors Project. He wants to get more involved in the MCGB because he feels that the Marvin Center needs to be made more student-friendly.

Aimee Schulman – Besides holding numerous leadership positions on campus, Aimee serves as a member of the MCGB. Her experience as the SA Senate chief of staff has allowed Aimee to gain knowledge of the Marvin Center. If elected to MCGB, Aimee plans to work to make the scheduling of student space easier and hours more conducive to night owls.

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