SA Notes

V.P. Linebaugh addresses Senate

Associate Vice President of Academic Planning and Special Projects Craig Linebaugh discussed University technology at the Tuesday night Senate meeting.

Linebaugh talked about the University’s “obligation to prepare people to use the technology to enhance the learning experience.”

“When I see a picture in The Hatchet of a (graduate teaching assistant) looking puzzled over a computer I want to throw up my hands in frustration, but we’ve had over 800 staff and TAs attend our technology information sessions,” he said, referring to some employees’ inability to use classroom technology.

He also discussed Respondex systems installed in science classrooms, which allow the students to answer questions and interface with the professor via controls at each seat. The system also facilitates taking attendance and receiving feedback about the class, he said.

“If you were here 10 years ago you would have seen that everything was analog, and today everything is digital,” Linebaugh said.

“I have always maintained that you pay a substantial amount in tuition, and your money ought to be spent as wisely as possible,” he added.

Senate passes safety bill

The Senate unanimously passed a resolution to create a campus-wide pedestrian safety committee Tuesday.

Sen. Chris Jenkins (G-CCAS) said he was concerned that the Student Association is forming too many committees for similar issues. A committee already exists to look at pedestrian safety on H Street, where a student was hit this year.

However, with the construction of the Ivory Tower residence hall and continued expansion of the student population, many senators said the SA needs another committee.

-Tiago Forte

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