Club Roundup

Roller Hockey League needs a save

The White House Roller Hockey League lost its location and namesake in December when construction began on the strip of Pennsylvania Avenue that it previously used as a rink, and now the league is in danger of disbanding.

Because that construction is scheduled to last through February 2005, those who run the league have been sent scrambling to find a new location. But junior Josh Butnick, who runs the league with senior Jon Blumberg, said finding a wide-open strip of concrete with no traffic has proven difficult, and the league might be done.

“Unfortunately, that’s what we’re looking at,” he said. “We don’t have any immediate plans other than hoping we can find a place to play. If someplace shows up and everyone’s willing to come play, then we’ll do that. But I can’t say our prospects look good right now.”

Blumberg said he is currently looking into a park between Wisconsin Avenue and 23rd Street, but his impending graduation will make it difficult for him to help.

“I’m concerned about it (being disbanded), but I can’t control this situation because I’m not going to be here,” he said. “Hopefully Josh can keep things running, and people will still come out even though we won’t be as close as we used to be.”

Kendo club wins tournament

The GW Kendo Club held its first in-house tournament of the year last weekend, with Phil Hughes taking first, Namwu Kim finishing second and Summerling Walker taking third.

The club won its most recent inter-collegiate tournament, which was held at Yale University. GW went undefeated, beating teams from the United States Military Academy at West Point, Wesleyan University, Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia to take the title.

Several prestigious instructors from Osaka University of Japan will be practicing with the club March 4, and in mid-April the club plans to attend the biggest Kendo tournament of the year, the Shoryuhai Tournament at Harvard University.

-Jeff Nelson

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