Crime log


2/2 – Mitchell Hall
2:30 a.m. – case closed
A male student reported that an unidentified caller left a message on his machine indicating that he spent $290 on car bombs to place on cars at Union Station.
Referred to MPD

Drug Law Violation

2/1 – New Hall
5 p.m. – case closed
University Police discovered two grams of marijuana in a room during an administrative search.
Referred to SJS

Liquor Law Violation

2/1 – New Hall
1:47 a.m. – case closed
UPD found five underage students in possession of 60 cans of beer and several bottles of liquor.
Referred to SJS

2/1 – Madison Hall
3:26 a.m. – case closed
The fire department treated an intoxicated female student.
Referred to SJS

1/31 – New Hall
11:20 p.m. – case closed
UPD discovered three underage students in a room with a 30-pack of beer and bottles of wine and liquor.
Referred to SJS

1/31 – Thurston Hall
1:18 a.m. – case closed
UPD witnessed a female student who was unable to walk being assisted by another female student.
Referred to SJS

1/30 – Lafayette Hall
2:25 a.m. – case closed
A male unaffiliated with the University was transported to the emergency room for excessive consumption of alcohol.

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