Asian groups recruit

Two new Asian Greek-letter groups are holding recruitment this week as they seek to get rid of negative stereotypes and raise awareness about their culture.

The Sigma Psi Zeta sorority and the Pi Delta Psi fraternity are holding information sessions and social activities to get new members.

Pi Delta Psi President Jeff Chang said that GW students can often be “apathetic or individualistic” and that students of other schools seem to have a stronger Asian community.

“Formation of a fraternity is important for the Asian community because it will enable members to form bonds which are stronger than normal friendships,” Chang said.

Chang said he hopes that formation of the fraternity will break down stereotypes that Asians are “passive,” along with other negative representations of the culture.

Because many Asian Americans are second generation, an impression that they can be “walked-over” is given off, Chang said.

Pi Delta Psi currently has six members and is hoping to gain 10 to 15 new members.

The Sigma Psi Zeta sorority also hopes to promote awareness of Asian cultures, said sorority president Carol Chuang.

“We’re looking for dedicated strong women who believe in the ideals of Sigma Psi Zeta,” Chuang said. “Our mission is to promote unity among women and awareness of Asian cultures.”

The Sigma Psi Zeta sorority currently has seven members and is looking to gain five to 10 new members.

The sorority has been hosting recruitment events all week, including a pizza and bowling night Tuesday where current members met rushees. The sorority is hosting a potluck dinner Thursday and a mixer with the Pi Delta Psi fraternity Friday.

The group plans to participate in a blood marrow drive because it is often difficult for Asian transplant patients to find compatible blood donors, leaders said.

Chuang said the Asian sorority will be more successful in “uniting” Asians on campus than some existing organizations have been in the past.

Group leaders said they plan to contribute a significant amount of time to the celebration of Asian Heritage month in April.

“It’s really a ground breaking event to have Asian Greeks on campus,” Chuang said. “We’re shaking things up.”

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